The Next Trip - part 2

I love the way the web works.

Within an hour of writing that we intend to paddle in the Helgeland area of Norway I received an e-mail from Erik in Sweden. He has paddled there with his partner Pia and a group of friends and he sent me links to their trips.

They paddled here in 2004, 2005 and 2006

The text is in Swedish but as Erik told me, “the pictures are international I hope”. Erik also said “I'm not an expert on the area, but I love it!”

I can see why. I want to go right now!

I’ve reproduced a few of Erik’s photos here with his permission. You’ll find a lot more on his website which also appears to have a link to their own kayak t-shirt shop featuring Pia's designs.

Erling also reminded me about Grazie’s excellent Skoogle site where I found this interactive map of the area we’re going.

So, I repeat. I love the way the web works.

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