The Smooth and the Rough

Obviously, this was the smooth. There was hardly a ripple off Ardnamurchan Point yesterday. Unless, like Cailean, you ventured right in to the rocks to touch the point itself, in which case there was still a lot of energy in the swell.

Liz and I were helping Cailean with a few photos for his new guide-book.

We were also taking a few of our own, and taking turns to try a Quest LV with a kevlar hull.

The lightness takes a bit of getting used to on the water, but it looks like I'll be able to hang onto it for a couple of weeks.

Carrying the thing is a doddle! I hitched it on one shoulder, the Ikea bag over the other, and strolled back to the car.

It was great to spend a couple of days with Cat & Cailean at our home up here.

The rough part came this morning.

It seems my 84 yr old Mum had a fall. She's OK but badly shaken.

She lives alone in Spain, having spent the last couple of months in an old-folks home there while a doctor tried to diagnose why her memory is going.

They haven't managed yet, so she's back at home with nursing cover. Turns out she is needing a lot of nursing cover, all of which we pay for, which I don't mind but I wonder how it's all going to work out.

A dark cloud in an otherwise blue sky.


Catriona said...

Wonderful gave us sunshine, good food, a cheeky Otter and a rare sighting of Gordon and Sarah - of the Pine Martin variety!

Thinking of you both at this difficult time with your mum. May the sun shine for her too : )

Thanks again x

carlos kayak said...

Are images from Cabo Palos, in Murcia ??

Nice site. I have visited last October

I paddle, in Oropesa, 200 km north of Nurcia

congratulations from spain