"Clyde Coastguard, Clyde Coastguard..."

I'm grateful to the staff of Clyde Coastguard in general and yesterday's day-time watch manager Bill Spiers.
Bill speant two hours showing me around and answering questions, many of which were suggested by readers of this blog and the sea kayak Forum. I recorded the whole thing and I'll release it as a Podcast very soon.
For sea kayakers, it's fascinating stuff. For example, many kayakers were concerned when the Coastguard switched from keeping a 'headphone' to 'speaker' watch of Channel 16. Well, see that woman on the right? That's the channel 16 desk, and she's wearing headphones. One of the coastguards joins Bill in explaining why.
I input it all to the computer last night, stuck it together, and it came to 1hr 15mins! That is too long even for a good Podcast. I'll put it to one side, come back to it fresh in a day or two, and try to edit it down to about 45 minutes. I'll put it live in a month when I have a shorter Podcast to release, and so balance the bandwidth use.

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