Photos to go with Duncan Winning Podcast

I'm lucky enough to have had some positive feed-back already on the Podcast with Duncan Winning which went live last night.

Duncan speaks about how he studied the Inuit kayak which Ken Taylor brought back to Scotland in 1960 and then drew its design. Those drawings formed the basis of more than forty sea kayaks around the world.

Phil posted these picture and more on the Forum. Among them, the original of Ken on Loch Lomond demonstrating the now forgotten art of harpooning!

Phil particularly wanted to show that development continues.

He writes, "My son Alex paddles the latest iteration so I thought you may be interested in some visuals to show how Duncan's designs are being used."

Absolutely! And there are more of these excellent pictures of a beautiful boat on the UK Forum.

As for the Podcast, you can listen and subscribe free here or download it directly from the Podcast Library where, for those who hesitate to listen to Podcasts for technical reasons, there are now clear instructions.

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