Treshnish Isles and Staffa

What a perfect weekend. Camped on Mull Friday night. Launched at Ulva slip before 09.30 on Saturday morning, and made it out to the Treshnish Isles by lunchtime.


I was astonished the previous entry actually made it onto the blog. I'll explain how I did it one of these days.

Anyway, this was our view from the tent door last night.

With all that's been happening with my Mum and work getting a little pressured as the Scottish Elections start, this place was the perfect get-away-from-it-all.

We'd read the the Puffins come to these islands to breed between April and June.

We joked that, since today was April the first, we'd awake and find ourselves knee deep in puffins. Well, not exactly, but they were on the water as we paddled across to the Dutchman's Cap.

The paddle from here to Staffa is probably our biggest open water crossing to date - we've only been sea kayaking for four years - so it felt quite an achievement to be back on Staffa.

The embarrassment came as I reversed down Ulva slipway to load the kayaks and the car wouldn't start again. It took twenty minutes to get going. I'll be on the phone to the garage first thing.

We arrived back in Glasgow exhausted but exhilarated after a superb, perfect weekend.

Oh yes - the Scottish Canoeing Podcast is live as is my new sweat-shirt shop. I only opened to get one with a logo for me, but thought other folk might like one. I add absolutely no commission for me.

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