Rotor Cuff

And I thought it was something to do with a helicopter.

I've not written much about it, but since the New Year I've had a sore shoulder, particularly after paddling and yoga. I've seen the GP and chiropractor before visiting the Sports Medicine Centre at Hampden Park. A physiotherapist put my shoulder into a range of positions and dignosed a rotor cuff injury.

I slouch. That's probably what's done it. So I have a big eleastic band and strict instructions on how/when to use it. Three times a day, thirty repetitions per exercise. Hurts like hell.

Is it meant to? Should I go paddling this weekend? I forgot to ask, so I've e-mailed to check. I could do without this, just in time for our Canoe Boys trip.


George said...

Simon - what are the exercises? This type of injury seems to be quite common; in my case it is made worse by being a right handed mouse user, extending the arm in front of the body and to the right. I have cured this by learning to use my left hand for the mouse. I was told by my doctor that some earlier old injury will be the root cause, and that it takes a while to get it better. If it is any consolation, as long as I keep exercising it does not hurt!

Simon Willis said...

Hi George. I switched mouse hands about ten years ago when I had a touch of RSI. I now use left at work, right at home. These exercises use a big elestic band which I fasten to the door knob and, with my elbow t right angles, I curl the shoulder outwards. Then I swap around and do the resistance the other way - kind of chard to describe.

I good friend sent me the following - "You should gradually build up the exercises, severe pain means damage ! (plus paddling = more pain = more damage = less brain cells)"

I contacted the physio who told me to cut the reps. "If it hurst, don't do it". The pain from exercise has diminished, and we deliberately limited this weekend to one paddle plus a run. Things are improving slowly.

So George, thanks for the words of encourangement.