Kayaking and Media

Media outside our sport is taking an interest in recent incidents in Scotland. Especially the deaths.

Scotland Live with Mhairi Stewart, a topical phone-in show on Radio Scotland, covered the subject today (Wednesday) with Gordon Brown of Skyak, David Rossetter of Stirling Canoes and Bill Speirs of Clyde Coastguard. There's an interview with Bill in the Podcast Library.

Radio Scotland has a Listen Again Facility and that link should take you direct to Wednesday's programme, which ought to be live until noon Thursday. The Sea Kayak item starts about twenty minutes in, but I can't work out how to fast forward.

I have a digital recording and I'm trying to find out if I can put it on my website.

Separately, Rob Edwards has posted a superb guide to the way the media works on his website. It's highly recommended for anyone who might have to deal with journalists.

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