New Podcast - Aled Williams on In-Uit

Half of the Rockpool partnership talks about his brand new boat.

Aled Williams has struck out on his own and is designing In-Uit Kayaks, which are being made in Poland.

Listen to Aled here or download his Podcast directly from the new look Podcast Library.

Aled talks about why this boat has a skeg, how it's designed to perform, and all the other designs he plans for the range including a touring and Greenland style kayak. There are also a few photos of the boat.

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Michael said...

I enjoyed listening to this podcast. It certainly sounds like an interesting boat. Perhaps we'll see one in Canada at some not too distant point. By then I'd like to see him change the company name and logo as it is a bit of an affront using terms like 'Inuit' and 'inukshuk', both of which properly belong to the Canadian Inuit culture rather than either north Wales or Poland. That aside, I wish Aled luck with this endeavour!