P&H Cetus - Video

I doubt I'll need a black tie for the awards dinner - this is not the best film I've ever made!

However, if you haven't seen a P&H Cetus you might be interested in the shape and features of the demonstration model we're using on the Canoe Boys radio programme. Check if they're the same as production models.

There's discussion on aspects of this video on the UK Forum.

While paddling it feels like there's a lot of boat behind the cockpit, and it also feels wide up-front. It rides rather "wet" as it splashes down over waves. But it's easy to hold an edge and turns increddibly tight for a big boat. Liz in her LV Nordkapp could only just manage a tighter circle, and she's a better paddler than I am.

I'll probably have to return it after this coming weekend. I'll be sadder to see it go than the Quest LV we've also been using.

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orlygur said...

well done.