Aquapac faults due to "bad batch of materials"

Have you had a relatively new Aquapac case fail recently?

I had three fail. The first was a three year old VHF case - fair enough, it was old.

However, a brand new replacement also failed on its first outing. At the same time a little used GPS case also failed.

I stuffed all three into an envelope and returned them to Aquapac. I didn't ask for replacements but suggested they might like to take a look.

They replaced all three, so top marks there. "Thank you Aquapac".

There was also a letter, with the words "Without Prejudice" written at the top. Sounds rather legal.

The second paragraph reads as follows: "The replacement VHF case which you purchased is faulty and we apologise for its consequent failure. The issue was with a bad batch of materials which has since been rectified".

Good to know they spotted the fault and solved it. But if you have a new-ish Aquapac case, you might want to check it. Aquapac suggest the "Bubble Test".
"Before using an Aquapac for the first time you need to make sure that it got to you in perfect condition. We ask you to do ‘The Bubble Test’: seal something worthless inside and submerge in a basin.
A few air bubbles may escape from the Aquaclip, this is ok, water can get into parts of the clamp without getting inside the case itself. But if a stream of bubbles escapes when you squeeze it there could be a problem, and you should contact us to obtain a replacement.
The Bubble Test is also a good time to check that the case floats. Before each use you must examine the Aquapac to make sure it’s not visibly damaged – to be safe you should always do The Bubble Test. "

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