Goodbye Boats

Today we said 'goodbye' to two boats which have been with us for a while.

I've had the demo P&H carbon/kevlar Quest LV since before Easter and I've enjoyed paddling it. Together we've been to the Treshnish Islands, Garvellachs, Eigg & Muck, and many other places.

I've only paddled it's big brother, the Cetus, for a couple of weekends. Cailean grabbed this one for the Canoe Boys recordings, and I see why.

She's a lovely boat. Even dogs like her.

But the recordings are over so the boats must go back. Today I dropped the pair off at Stirling Canoes where P&H will collect them during the week. Of the two it's the Cetus I'll be most sorry to see go.

Incidentally, I ordered a Valley Nordkapp before either boat arrived and it's still not here. Seven weeks late.

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