Island Bagging - next big thing?

This is Andy Strangeway, otherwise known as Island Man from whose website this photo is taken.

Andy has almost completed his challenge to sleep on every Scottish island of 100 acres or more. There are 162.

While Andy has been using local boat operators to take him to and from islands, this clearly has a potential for sea kayakers.

How long will it be before the first self-propelled attempt to sleep on all 162 islands? There are a lot of people looking for a new challenge.

In this article in The Herald, Andy reckons he may have devised a new pass-time as big as Munro bagging, open to less physically able people.

I'm not convinced but admire his determination.

Andy should complete his bagging this week when he stays on Soay in the St Kilda archipelago at the end of the breeding season for its local residents.

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