My Dolphin

If I look a bit pleased in this photo, it's because I am. Meet my new Nordkapp.

The deck colour is a lighter grey than I expected, and I thought I was having black deck lines and elastics. I'm happy with both the way they are.

The day hatch doesn't have a retaining cord or hole for one, but I'm sure Valley will send a replacement if I ask nicely.

She's gorgeous.

Liz and I now have his-n-her Nordkapps. Sad isn't it? We took them out around Carna on Loch Sunart. And I rolled her first time. For anyone who knows me, that's a big deal. It was with great sadness that I stowed her carefully and loaded my Quest for our trip to Norway soon. The Quest holds more and I'm more familiar with how it performs in rougher seas. My head is ruling my heart.

Still, I've plenty of time to ride my dolphin.

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Wenley said...

What a princely look! Enjoy Norway and let's talk on your return about the Plas & Brenin emergency course.