Video - Arisaig to Eigg & Muck

It's not exactly Ben Hur. But then it was shot on a compact Pentax Optio and edited with a clunky tool. OK, I know. A bad workman blames his tools...

A couple of weekends ago we left Arisaig on Friday morning and camped on Muck.

On the Saturday we made the short crossing to behind Eigg with a superb view of Rum. Then on Sunday morning we went around the top of Eigg back to Arisaig.

This is my first attempt at documenting a paddling weekend on video. So be gentle.


George said...

Simon - thanks for sharing this trip. The weather and locations were superb and gave a real sense of the trip you made.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing us all to see your wonderful trip to the Scottish inner hebrides.

I look forward to seeing many more of your trips elsewhere through your site and on YouTube.