Bumpy Ride

We were trying to paddle from Arisaig to Mallaig on Saturday.

The tide was with us, the wind was about F4-5 creating a following sea. Boy were we moving!
But the wind was building and we didn't fancy the landing-less few kilometers before Mallaig.
So we headed into Morar. It's a big, shallow, sandy bay. I should have worked out what would happen.

As we neared the shore, the waves (obviously) rose high off the sand and started to break, well above our heads. One of us (no names) capsized.

An x-rescue later we were on a beach. Then we had to get across the bay to an exit from where I could hitch back to Arisaig.

More shallow sand, more rearing, breaking waves, and another capsize. It was shallow enough to stand, inbetween the sets at least. But it was a superb lesson in getting to grips with an incident and I learnt a lot. Perhaps not as much as Wenley in Cornwall, but enough for now.
Sometimes it's better out than in.

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