A pee zip on a woman's dry suit

OK, I admit this video is vaguely disgusting. But when you're a woman, wearing a dry suit with spraydeck and BA ontop, 'spending a penny' can be tricky and time consuming.
So Liz had a men's "relief zip" fitted to her Palm Element dry suit which is used in conjunction with a device called a SheWee. Like this...

5th Sept 2007 - sorry, I had to remove this video. I was weirded out by some comments and thought Liz might not be too happy.


Anonymous said...


I got ten seconds in and could bear no more.

Mark R

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Simon and Liz, thanks for bringing this into the open. Relief beyond belief springs to mind. Clearly this device needs to be handy to prevent any accidents. Do you secure the device to the deck or to that funny plastic square that you get on some BA fronts? If the latter and if you joined us on one of our sea kayaking pubs missions, would you wear it into the pub?

Jan Egil Kristiansen said...

Seems a more sensible use than the "hike off the beaten track" argument of the product's web page.

Must be nice in mosquito country too. I wonder if there is a male version for mosquito protection?

Jan Egil Kristiansen said...

A full-body polythene version for men:
Rainbow Lazer