Rusty's Replacement

Just arrived from Valley, not one but two replacement skeg sliders and aluminium sheaths.

Inside that back thing is the threaded widget that ought to be stainless steel but, in my boat, is mild steel.

It's a problem which affects quite a few others too if the thread on the UK Forum is anything to go by.

The replacement arrived within twenty four hours, which I reckon is good service on Valley's behalf. OK, it was a mistake, but mistakes happen, and I judge companies on how they subsequently put things right.

It will take me longer to install it. I possess more thumbs than fingers when it comes to this sort of thing.

And with a decent forecast this coming weekend, I'll be paddling my boat not fixing it. The Crowlin Islands and Applecross look likely.

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Joe said...

I haven't seen any rust stains on my two Valley boats yet, but this is a concern. Both are relatively new with dates of manufacture in 2006. I am very curious to see how easy it is to install the replacement skeg slider hardware. Like you I am "all thumbs" when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Please keep us posted.