Canoe Boys - Faces Behind the Voices

When I listen to the radio, I often wonder what the people who're talking look like.

Here are three of the contributors to Programme Two of the Canoe Boys, which you can hear from Friday 23rd Nov on Radio Scotland or online, following the links alongside.

The first is Duncan McGilp, who we found largely by accident. Mr McGilp met and paddled with the original Canoe Boys in 1934 and has a great tale to tell.

Communication links, especially roads, was a big issue in the Canoe Boys days.

Nick Turnbull, an oyster fisherman who has been on Mull 30 years, reckons some of those problems are as bad as ever. We spoke at his home and if you look carefully at that photo you can see Ardnamurchan Point in the distance.

He's also a paddler who, using a rowing boat, went around Mull in three days.

This is Laura Mandleberg, one of the staff of the Hebridean Whales and Dolphin Trust.

We chatted in their small gift shop / museum in the front street of Tobermory, and we learnt a lot about the marine creatures in the area.

So these are the faces, now hear their voices in programme two of The Canoe Boys, Friday 11.30 Radio Scotland and Online.

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David said...

Simon I missed episode 2 live. And unfortunately the BBC's listen again recording is not complete. Seems to start a bit after the program started. Any chance of getting it fixed ?