Canoe Boys in The Herald Magazine

They're not exactly easy to read here, but subscribe online (there's a 3-day free trial) and you can read the story about the programmes Cailean and I have made, written by Fiona Russell. The BBC Website is here.

Those who don't know might look at the photograph, read the words, and think they relate to the same place. In otherwords, they may think the photo of Cailean in his Rockpool boat was taken in the Dorus Mor.

It wasn't. I was haning under the gantry of the Connell Bridge in October 2006 when I snapped that photo of Cailean and others mucking about in the Falls of Lora which being filled for Justine Curgenven's This Is The Sea 3. But it is an arresting image. Hope P&H Sea Kayaks, who leant us two boats, don't mind too much.

Every journalist I've spoken to about The Canoe Boys story has been enthralled by it. I'm glad to be playing a small part in bringing this classic Scottish Adventure to a wider audience.

Apparently programme three and four are finished. Producer Richard Else was happy when he listened to them on a plane coming back from Canada where he gave a master-class at the Banff Mountain Film festival.

There's one section in the first programme which, on reflection, could be slightly shorter. See what you think.

Radio Scotland 11.30 Wednesday 14th Nov listen online live or for up to seven days.

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