The Canoe Boys - Listen here

I thought I'd put all the links in one place. Programme One of The Canoe Boys is now online. It should remain there until 21st November, possibly until 23rd November. I think prog 2 is best.

To use the BBC Scotland Player you need a free program, RealPlayer installed in your computer.

The BBC Website for the programme will remain live for longer with the audio slide-show, TV feature from the Adventure Show, recording diary with additional video shot on route and an interview with Duncan Winning on kayak history. Buy the book here.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon this had me captivated. I loved Ninian's deadpan delivery of "They trained for the Dorus Mor on the Forth and Clyde Canal".

I really enjoyed the banter between you and Cailean on the Dorus Mor. The cookery slot was pure entertainment, watch out Gordon Ramsey et al!

Richard H said...

What a wonderful story so far. It's great to relive a part of history told from so many voices and employing so much local knowledge. Sounds like Scotland has quite a history for kayaking - I'd love to listen to Mr. Winning tell it all right from the beginning. I admire the humorous the play by play of the dorus mor, and making porridgey mush as well: "stir the mass violently together."

Not only will I tune in again, I am definitely going to have to source this book when it becomes available in Canada.

Thank You from Victoria, BC!

Simon said...

Douglas - you embarrass me, but thank you very much.

Richard H - Thank you too! You might like to listen to two Podcasts I recorded with Duncan. Both are in the Podcast Library at in the right-hand column.

You can order the book online - there's a link to the publishers on the programme blog