Finally - Kayaking Again

It had been weeks since I'd been kayaking.

I'd done lots of thinking about kayaking, talking about kayaking and writing about kayaking. But no actual kayaking.

Until yesterday, when in slightly overcast conditions we did our favourite local paddle, cicumnavigating Eilean Shona. It only took a few hours but it was great to be back ojn the water again and feel the rise and fall of a slight swell.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon Did this 2 years ago the opposite direction and a fairly big swell, wonderful stop for lunch at the coral beech. Must get back next year.
Like you after a break not paddling you really appreciate getting out again!
Happy Paddling

Michael said...

I have been paddling every day for 84 days straight and am now paddling into winter. The feeling of joy I get as soon as I'm back on the water is exactly the same as when, like you, I haven't paddled in a while. What is it about paddling? Are we on a drug of some sort?