New Podcast - Patrick Winterton

This is Patrick Winterton. Listen to his Podcast at where you can subscribe free or download directly from the Podcast Library.

In 2006 Patrick kayaked from Glasgow to Muckle Flugga on the northern tip of Shetland. He undertook audaciously huge crossings, becoming the first person to kayak the “Hebridean Triangle”, from South Uist to St Kilda, then on to the Flannan Isles, and then back to Lewis.

As if this expedition wasn’t tough enough, at the last minute Patrick decided to video the entire thing himself, and then edit it into a DVD called "Scottish Extremities". I spoke to Patrick about the DVD after his talk to the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium on Skye in May 2007.

If you want to buy a copy, e-mail him at

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