Watch Canoe Boys TV Feature

I'm delighted to say the television feature about our Canoe Boys programmes can be watched online. On the bottom of this Scotland Outdoors webpage you'll find a link called 'Watch the Canoe Boys feature'.

I'm particularly pleased that it was enjoyed by the daughter of Seumas Adam! She's in Wales but managed to watch the TV report and wrote, "I found it to be enthralling and also emotional... We now look forward to the radio programmes." Me too! I've yet to hear them finished!!

Edited 13.10 - I've just listened to Prog 1, which arrived in the post, and I'm happy. There's a lot of setting up of the story going on, explaining who we are, who the Canoe Boys were and what we're doing, but I think it moves fast enough. I know the material so well I'm too close to judge. Now I want to hear Prog 2!

These radio programmes are the main body of work and start next Wed 14th Nov at 11.30am. Online you can listen live or for seven days after transmission.

Scotland Outdoors is website I check frequently, especially the Pedalling Around page in which Mark is cycling around the world, sending back bits of media. I hoped they'd give The Canoe Boys a webpage, and the result should appear later today, with my thanks to Cat, Paul and sea-kayaker Julia.

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