Flare Tube - My Mistake

I eventually decided to make two flare tubes to fit just under our decks.

I measured the flares and established they would fit inside 50mm waste tubes. I could not buy 50mm tube at B&Q, so I had to order all the fittings online. 3m of tubing, and four screw ends duly arrived (they didn’t have blank ends, so each end would have a screw cap).

Got everything together and realised there was no way to join the screw ends to the tubes. Back online and order four couplings, plus a hefty standard delivery charge. I even remembered the solvent cement.

I settle down to join it all together, only to discover a fundamental problem.

The flares fit inside the 50mm tubes. But the internal diameter of the screw ends, while listed as 50mm, is not 50mm. It’s a couple of millimeters less. As you can see from the photo, it makes all the difference. The flare won't side through.

Anyone doing any plumbing? I have some waste tube you can use.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning about this. Was planning the same project. What's your next move? I wondered about making some sort of vinyl bag. Was an article in Oct '07 Sea Kayaker magazine about making small dry bags for a GPS ( not published online yet ). Wondered about doing something similar for my rocket flares.