Kayaking Norway's Arctic Circle

I was really chuffed to see my article, about our kayaking trip to Norway, published in Ocean Paddler magazine.
I hope it's not vanity. Or any desire to be 'famous'. I doubt it, because I've worked on television regularly since 1978, so any pathetic desire for fame has been satiated. And before you think, "Bloody hell, he's old", well I am, but I started broadcasting age 19.

I've also written travel articles for some bigger publications, notably The Sunday Times, and even won some awards. Yet seeing this gave me a thrill. Why?  Continues

I'm not sure. I think it's probably because sea-kayaking has got to me and Liz in a way few sports have managed. To share what we're learning is really special. Is this why some people coach? I share by writing and, if asked, would like to give more presentations. (I might do one on Norway and one on The Canoe Boys at CanoeExpo but this doesn't seem to be fixed yet as I'm not on the speaker list).
I only enjoy writing or public speaking when I believe I have something useful, interesting and entertaining to communicate. Advised by knowledgable and incredibly friendly Norwegians, we explored Helgeland. It's an area which would make an excellent introduction to longer, multi-day sea kayaking for most intermediates. I'm glad this was something I could share.

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Wenley said...

Simon, I enjoyed it immensely. That line about arriving at Norway gasping for cash is brilliant.