Applecross Kayaking Video

How hard can it be to make a kayaking video? Phew, now I know! Shot in September, this was my first attempt using a video camera. I found it difficult to hold the shot steady while the boat was moving and I was also acutely aware of the banality of the content.

This was also the first time I've edited anything reasonably complex. I used Final Cut Express which I bought a couple of weeks ago and have been attempting to teach myself. I now have even greater respect for Justine Curgenven, Patrick Winterton and Bryan Smith. I've learnt a lot and I'm keen to try again. Oh, it's about 6mins long.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing.

Mark R

Michael said...

Good luck with your new videographer career! I've dabbled in the same water and would like to think I was gaining some expertice. So far I've stuck with iMovie for editing as it's relatively easy to work with. I but plan to move over to the more difficult Final Cut Express only when I feel I'm a serious threat to those other pros you listed!

Alan said...

Hi Simon Enjoyed your movie also and your a million miles ahead of what i can do ( only video I have taken is with new sony digital camera!)
I arrived in mid summer for lunch at this bothy from skye and crowlins and was very glad to sit upstairs away from the midge. Bothy had several Canadian canoeists staying , lovely spot.
Look forward to seeing more of your adventures this year.