The Best and Worst Companies to Deal With

Werner Paddles are (almost) celebrating fourth place in a list of the best companies to do business with. What's surprising is how important paddle-sports have become.

This is a US survey so many European names won't be included. The "best" suppliers to do business with were Patagonia (13.4%), North West River Supplies (12%) Cascade Designs (10%) and Werner a creditable 9% in fourth place. It's not enough for some...

Danny Mongno, who you'll meet on the Werner stand at Canoe Expo (and with whom I hope to record a podcast) tells me, "We are not happy with 4th place, so be sure to look out for when we knock Patagonia off that top spot in 2008". Competitive as ever.

I've personally had a good relationship with Patagonia Europe for quite a few years. I find them easy to deal with, even with my limited French. Their kit can seem pricey but it lasts for years.

Cascade Designs are a very friendly crowd. They sponsored our Pacific Crest Trail hike with some MSR food and showed us around their Seattle factory after we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. There I discovered Thermarest RidgeRests, which we slept on for five months, are made in the world's largest waffle machine.

The survey by SNEWS, part of notes that the top ten "best" companies to deal withy include four who predominantly serve the paddlesports market.

If you work in a bricks-and-mortar Outdoor Store then you can subscribe free to their website, or you pay $3.75 per week.

Their's is certainly a site to watch, especially for folk interested in the outdoor business.

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