Canoe Expo - 2 Presentations

Having clearly been mistaken for someone who knows what he's talking about, I've been asked to give two presentations at CanoeExpo near Coventry next month.

The Canoe Boys presentation is about the BBC web, radio and TV programmes regular readers have heard a lot about and which I gave at Paddle 07 in Perth. For this we used P&H Sea Kayaks, and it's through them that I've been invited.

I'm also giving a presentation called Across The Arctic Circle about sea kayaking in the Helgeland area of Norway. I wrote an article about for this for Ocean Paddler Magazine. This is an excellent destination for those seeking the solitude of a mini-expedition in relatively sheltered waters.

Looking at the list of speakers made me take a big gulp. I'm in rather illustrious company. I'll try not to feel too much of a fraud.


Anonymous said...

You'll be up against an expert in Tarpology. Good luck out there ...

Mark R

Simon said...

I'm a bit of a Tarp fan myself - although I favour the
S ;-)