Keeping Hands Warm - The Replies

I must say a huge thank you to everyone who took the trouble to answer my question about how to keep hands warm. I've aggregated the replies here.

Daveo suggested Reed Chillcheater gauntlet-style elbow length glove with lobster fingers. He also finds wool a better insulator than fleece.

Michael recommends LevelSix neoprene mitts saying "They have smooth neoprene outside so don't cool down like the nylon ones which retain moisture on the surface. Inside there is a fleecy lining. When really cold I add some thin poly gloves and have never been cold."

Alan used to windsurf during the winter and had large dry gloves with wool or fleece under. "These dry gloves were like kitchen gloves but came futher up your wrist and sealed."

Douglas' suggestion were Gul palmless gloves but they've disappeared from their website. In addition he liked the 1.5mm neoprene O'Neil gloves (look in the Winter Products section). "Thick gloves give me cramp." says Douglas.

Kokatat pogies are also suggested, but I have some good ones. And I struggle with pogies.

Corgiamas came up with Crazycreek thermabands. "Might work if inside a dry mitt or glove....they are great for Reynauds disease/syndrome.....they work great because they are heating up the inner wrist arteries and blood vessels....". Unfortunately their website didn't work for me.

Maurizio uses GlacierGloves. They're designed for hunting and fishing but in Italy he finds they work well.

So a huge thanks for all these suggestions. Now Liz has to decide and get out the credit card.

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