Sustainable Expeditions

This is Tom "The Haggis" Pendry who we met a couple of years ago on the Isle of Barra. He occasionally works with Clearwater Paddling from whom we hired boats for these trips. 1, 2 3.

Tom has set up and plans to kayak 150 miles around Scotland's Outer Hebrides. With big surf rolling in from the Atlantic that's quite an undertaking.

Tom hopes to persuade a friendly Sea Kayak Manufacturer to donate a boat for the journey - could it be you?

As Tom wrote on the UK Forum "On the trip I’ll be doing things in as many environmentally friendly ways as possible. For example, I’ll be cooking on driftwood and heather, catching fish, sleeping in a Bivvy under a tarp, staying in local hostels when available, will have a solar panel to charge GPS/VHF/phone, will be using Sphagnum moss and a trowel for sanitary issues, and wil be buying food from local suppliers, amongst other things".

Check out his site. And if you import or manufacture expedition kayaks Tom "The Haggis" would love to hear from you

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