Free Our Data - close?

This article in Guardian Technolgy suggests the day may be drawing closer when mapping and hydrographic data is free in the UK.

It says a study, published alongside last week's budget, considered the government's six largest 'trading funds', which sell their products and services to public and private sectors. they are, the Met Office, Ordnance Survey, UK Hydrographic Office, land registry of England & Wales, Companies House and the Driver and Vehicle Licenseing Agency.

The full 154page report is a clearly argued case for making raw data available free. The case for pricing basic data at no more than the marginal cost of a copy (digital=0 cost) is "strong".

Free OS maps ahead?


David said...

Tremendous Simon, thanks for pointing this out. With my current big investment in digital maps of all sorts from OS25k to Garmin 'blue charts' I'm frightened at the potential cost of keeping them up to date. Maybe that's now a bit less of a concern.
I'm surprised that the article and report don't mention that (as far as I can tell) the US NOAA now provide nautical charts for free. One only needs suitable software to read / display them.

goth-prince said...

Our Government is a joke.
I found 1100 free us maps, not including the free canadian, south american and alskan, + bering sea maps??
We are supposed to be an island nation of sailors, How can Braitannia rule the waves when we can't afford tyhe bloody maps??