The Talking Seal

One of the best parts of my job is that I can read a wide variety of publications, looking for story ideas and background, and call it work.
New Scientist had a piece about whether humans are the only animals who appreciate music. (Subscriber content). I followed a few links and ended up on this page about Hoover, a talking seal.
Before he died in 1985 he spoke English. No, really. Listen to this file and if that's not enough this file.

The next time a round head surfaces near your kayak try saying, "Hello there". You might recieve a reply.


Wenley said...

Far better accent than I have, Simon.

Catriona said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!!! I do make a point of talking to all wildlife we meet when out paddling, happily encouraged by the husband, but until now have always felt like a bit of a mentol - maybe there is some truth in it all? Excellent - what a find : )