Hear the Author describe the Best Routes

Read the book and listen to the author. And if you haven't yet bought the book, please buy it here now.

Mark Rainsley has raised the standard for guidebooks. This is an excellent sea kayakers guide to south west England. I suspect it will receive a positive review in Ocean Paddler Magazine soon.

You can listen to Mark describe three of the top routes in the book in a Podcast already live at SeaKayakRoutes.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon - I guess the cheque cleared okay, then.

Mark R

wideblueyonder said...

Just ordered a copy having heard the podcast and spent some time on www.southwestkayaking.co.uk.. Can't wait to get reading and planning!

wideblueyonder said...

Update: Now in possession of the book. It's awesome. Absolutely superb quality, fantastic diagrams/maps and pictures and a wealth of information. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this standard of presentation and quality based on experience of older guide books and I am blown away. Mark has done a superb job as have Pesda Press.