Kayak Video Camera Mount

I'm trying to make one from a strange collection of items.

So far I have a suction clamp for moving glass (£5.95 B&Q); a telescopic mop (£5.98 Sainsurys); and a quil stem for a bike (£19.00 Gear Bikes). More to come.

There's a tradition in bodging these things. I've taken advice from Simon Osbourne who used a mount similar to the one I'm trying to put together.

I've also spoken to Olly Sanders who made the camera mount used in his latest Rough Water handling DVD from a tile clamp and tent poles.

When I get hold of the camera I'll work on the business end of the mount.


Michael said...

I'll be interested in seeing the final product! I'm wondering though if costs are getting out of hand. The 'StickyPod' device I own might end up being cheaper and do the job as well. Keep us informed!

Simon said...
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Simon said...

I looked at the sticky pod, or at least I looked at one of the many versions. I was aiming to build the whole of this rig, that's the mount, a telescopic swining arm and the camera head, for the price of a basic sticky pod ($60) but with the dollar the way it is, you may be right. We'll see!

Nelson said...

Hello Simon,

Nelson from Massachusetts here.

We must be on the same wavelength because for the past 2 days I have been looking for the exact same set up you are talking about. I've been scouring the net for something pre-made and cheap (not an easy task). One thing I did find is included in the link below. It could be attached to a suction cup platform (I also have a couple sticky pods). The only thing I would like is that it would extend a little longer.
I'll be watching this post to see how you make out.

Take Care,


Simon said...

Hi Nelson
That's the first time I'd seent hat mount, and I thought I'd seen them all. Thanks for the link.

You're right though. a video shot will probably work best when the camera is looking slightly down on the kayaker, either from in front or behind. The 18" extension on this set-up seems a little short for that. I wonder whether a different tube could be fitted inside the one on the mount?

I plan to order the camera next week - new financial year - and will work on the top part of the mount when I receive it.

Nelson said...

One thought I had was to add a different ball mount to the top (provided the one that comes with it is replaceable) and screw an extension onto it. It would give you 6-7 more inches and also another adjustment angle spot. Here's a link to the extension.