Sent from a small island off Arisaig

The end of a lovely day. Wind F4-5 we first crossed the Sound of Mull to eat fish & chips in Tobermory. The best fish & chips in Scotland are served from a van on the harbour.

Crossing back against the wind, Liz decided it would be nice to camp somewhere. So we whizzed home, grabbed the camping kit, drove to Rhu and paddled out to the islands and skerries off Arisaig.

As the sun sank, the islands rose from the retreating tide. A full moon is casting a bright glow across the loch. Magical.

The tent is a brand new Superlight Quasar which Terra-Nova Equipment has kindly leant us for the summer while we paddle the Scottish Kayak Trail. This is its first outing and is seems great. For kayaking I might replace the titanium pegs with something more substantial.

Off moon watching...

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