False Economy?

I thought I had a good deal when I bought a Stormlite inflatable mattress for £19.99 in March 2007. Now I'm realising the down-side.

When my £50 Thermarest sprang a leak I couldn't find (after almost a decade) Cascade Designs were happy to repair it.

When my £20 Stormlite sprang a leak I can't find (after just one year and two months) Field & Trek (the only retailers - I think it's their own brand) don't want to know. I asked them how I could organise a repair through Stormlite.

Unfortunately, with the product being purchased over a year ago, we are unable to exchange this item as the guarantee is no longer valid.
We would be unable to advise where you can take this item to be re-paired, and we do not offer a repair service on our products.
We apologise we can not be of any further assistance to you regarding this matter.
Kind Regards
Joanne Daykin
Customer Services

The inflatable mats seem to have disappeared from the F&T page. We're talking a product which retailed for £19.99 so perhaps I shouldn't expect the same standard of service as a product costing more than double. But in my view this is not good PR. It contrasts sharply with all other customer service I have received from the likes of Palm, Aquapak and Yak.

Sadly, it has soured me from buying from Field & Trek. Ontop of my GPS issues, which Garmin is now repairing, I'm going through a Mr Grumpy phase! It's as I gather and check all our kit before embarking on our research trip along the Scottish Kayak Trail.


derrick said...

Man, I can feel for ya. These days I'm always really shocked when someone says, "yeah, we'll fix it". It's like a ray of sunshine!! LOL!

Simon said...

Hi Derrick

A shaft of golden ray just penetrated the gloom. Good result from Garmin.


Nelson said...

I think you're better off to trade in both the £50 & £20 mattresses for one of the ones we have in the States. They're only a few ounces. :-)