Kayak Garmin Waterproof GPS - Leaks?

The back of my Garmin GPSmap76CSx tells a sorry tale.

Removing the waterproof plug for the UBS connector, to transfer a track to the computer, I noticed a green corrosion. Removing the larger external aerial plug, which I don't use, there was even more green corrosion.

This was registered on 7 May 2008. I look after my kit, keeping it in an Aquapack dry bag when just tracking a route and only leaving it exposed on deck to navigate with its maps. When home, the unit comes out of the Aquapack bag and dries in a warm room where it's stored.

So why the corrosion? And what will Garmin do to help? I e-mailed Monday night and they promise a reply within three days. Let's see.


wideblueyonder said...

Ouch! Thats a concern. I've heard good things about Garmin so fingers crossed you get the good support!

If not, their UK Headquarters is 10 minutes away from me and I drive past it on a regular basis. Happily pop round with the 'boys'!

eurion said...

I use a GPS 72 from Garmin, which is described on the box as waterproof. What is really quite odd, in small lettering elsewhere on the packaging it states:
Electronics are protected if immersed, but battery compartment may get wet. Be sure batteries and compartment are dry before using.
So why call it waterproof!!!!
Anyway Garmin Europe number is 01794 519944 very helpful people I found on the end of it.
By the way, I caught a glimpse of a shiny new P&H boat wrapped up in plastic in Angelsey last weekend, with your name written over it, I guess it was on the way up to you.
Hope you sort the gps out.

Simon said...

Thanks for that phone number. I've e-mailed twice now, so ringing is the enxt step.

I'm picking the boats up tomorrow. Awfully excited!

David said...

Hi Simon I have a Garmin 76C. From the photo that's very like the rear of mine. Anyway ... I always use mine in a dry bag. It would be more readable out of a bag but I figure a bit of additional protection for an expensive bit of kit is worth it. And part of the reason for the dry bag is just what you have found. I am CERTAIN that the waterproof rubber moulding that plugs into that hole is mis-manufactured. Maybe yours is the same. The hole is not perectly round - it has a key. And the rubber cover has the female key. Only it is not in the right place, it's about 10 degrees out of place, which means the plug does not fit well and - I suspect - will not be truly waterproof, leading to the sort of thing you have found. I'd be interested to know if this is the case.