Warning - Snakes

This sign above a beach might stop you exploring.

I've not seen an adder, Britain's only poisonous snake, while paddling in Scotland. But this would suggest they're around. Lurking.

Or is it a subtle ploy to keep visitors away? Should we read the sign as saying "Get off my land"?

Perhaps I'm being paranoid. However, I once worked with a cameraman who put "Live Snakes" stickers on his equipment boxes to discourage thieves from breaking into his car.


Owen said...

Were I grew up there were lots of adders. They're very shy and very quick at hidding away when people come close. We used to get an adder bit every two or three years, always a child bitten on the hand trying to pick up the snake. The main danger comes from infection form the muck in the snakes mouth not from the venom which isn't that strong; unless your a mouse.

Simon said...

Hi Owen
Thanks for that. I used to see loads of adders when I lived near Keilder Forest in Northumberland - more a risk hiking, when stopping to sit on a rock. I never really gave them any thought along the shoreline of Scotland.