What is the plural of Cetus? (Video)


wideblueyonder said...

Look fantastic, Cetus is a new one on me so will have to take a look at the P&H website. Are they more of an expedition boat? Noticed you mentioned good load carrying and more stability.

Simon said...

We were lucky enough to get one of the demo models last summer for the Canoe Boys trip and Cailean described it superbly, "A Quest killer".

It is cavernous. It's so stable, even an idiot with crap balance like me can stand on the back deck. Ken Lacey does a much better job of that than I did.

This stability will make it far easier to film from.

Yet for all that, it's really easy to edge and turn. Again (bearing in mind I'm not a great kayaker) I can easily get a BA wetting edge on this boat as it carves a tight turn.

last summer we posted video (since removed) showing some skeg problems on the demo model (it stuck). Turns out the slider had possibly been put on backwards? Works great now.

Now as lively as my dolphin-esque Nordkapp but ideal for this summer's porpoise, sorry, purpose.