Patrick and the 'Mount Everest of Kayaking'

Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick planned to leave Stornoway today to kayak to the Faroe Islands, a 255 mile voyage which The Press and Journal today calls the 'Mount Everest' of Kayaking.

A short while ago, Patrick e-mailed to say he'd injured his back in Oban and took a few weeks out. He wasn't resting. He worked on the Tour De France.

Now he's back in the kayak and heading north. Here's a short video of Patrick (before he started) outlining his route, from Wales, around Ireland then up the west coast of Scotland.


AktoMan said...

Simon, the chaps were on the STV news at tea-time today. Shot of them kayaking in Stornoway harbour and interview across in the Castle Grounds.

Any idea when they're setting off as I'm in Stornoway until tomorrow (Friday) evening.

Simon said...

Hi Aktoman
Sorry, I didn't get online over the weekend (and didn't know the answer anyway!) By Monday evening the report of the rescue probably moved things on.

AktoMan said...

Oh. Been away travelling since left island on Friday, so I'll check up on the rescue you mentioned...

Oh. I hope it wasn't something they both ate. Glad both well.