First Impressions - This Is The Sea 4

Disc Two:
Why review this disc first? Surely this is the 'Bonus Disc'.

Well, for me this is the reason to buy This Is The Sea 4 because it has the best two kayak expedition films I've seen.
* Circumnavigating Haida Gwai (Queen Charlotte Islands)
* Circumnavigating New zealand South Island.

If Justine doesn't win an award for the New Zealand film I will eat my copy of the DVD. This is the best kayak expedition film I've seen and worth buying for this disc alone.
And there's more...

Disc One:
* Rock hopping in Baja
* Profile of Dubside, possibly better than, in Pacific Horizons?
* Kayak Fishing off San Diego
* Island Hopping the Bass Strait to tasmania
* Surfing standing waves on the Ottawa River with Justine genuinely scared (best bit on Disc One)
* Israel coastal paddling
* Norwegian paddlers showing off standing up, and Barry showing them how to surf a wave
* Lake Superior travelogue-ish

Some of these rank only 'OK' on my viewing pleasure-ometer. But Justine set the bar high with the short films in TITS3. And anyway, for me this is the bonus disc, not the other way around.

Buy it. Or better still, send this review to someone and get them to buy it for your Christmas present.

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wideblueyonder said...

Long awaited - loved 1 & 3 - superb DVD's. Recently reviewed 'Pacific Horizons' on my blog, which is also a fantastic DVD and available from CackleTV - Justine's own website. However, I have a feeling this one will blow them all out of the water so to speak.