Paddle 08, Perth

If you're not going, this is some of what you're missing. I'll blog what I can.

Saturday Presentations
11:30 Preview and talk about "This is the Sea 4",
Justine Curgenven
12:30 Upsidedown - a beginner's view of sea kayaking, Andy Kirkpatrick
13:30 Tall Tales from Short Boats - adventures, mis-adventures and 'great-escapes', Brian Wilson
14:30 Q&A with Brian Wilson

15:00 The Dudh Kosi, Dave Manby
16:00 Q&A with Dave Manby, Dave Manby

Saturday Workshops
11:30 Pick of the Stands - Christmas Shopping List, Richard Turner (aka Biscuit)
12:30 Mechanics and principles of forward paddling - lessons learnt from Olympic disciplines, Barney Wainwright
13:30 Physical Preparation for Kayaking, Liz Bell
15:00 Outfitting an Open Boat, Paul Chapman

Sunday Presentations
11:00 Preview and talk about "This is the Sea 4", Justine Curgenven
12:00 Surf kayaking in Morocco, Nathan Eades
13:00 Photography whilst paddling, Douglas Wilcox
14:00 Q&A with Douglas Wilcox
14:30 Never too old to learn something new, Fred Belcher
15:30 Tall Stories - Andy Jackson, a biography, Ron Cameron

Sunday Workshops
11:00 Paddle making, James Homer
12:00 Tarpology - the "origami" of tarp, a secret art, Jed Yarnold
13:00 Traditional skin-on-frame kayaks , Bill Samson and Sean Gallagher
14:00 Q&A with Bill Samson and Sean Gallagher
14:30 Location aids and rescue, Anne Young and Rick Raeburn

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