Most Popular Podcast - Ever

The Podcast with Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw looks like attracting the highest number of downloads I've recorded. I think.

I can't monitor the actual number, just the bandwidth that flows through my account each month. This podcast is half the length of most, so the file is half the size, yet more than double the bandwidth has been used.

Justine has promoted it on her blog ahead of her North America tour. I mentioned it in a comment on Quixotica. So it has had publicity.

Of course, it might also be because new listeners have now found and started downloading lots of interviews from the Podcast Library.
Justine and Barry will be in San Francisco on Sunday. 
Presented by Golden Gate Kayaking the event will begin with a day paddle with Justine and Barry, ending back at Half Moon Bay for a meal. The Main presentation will be held at the Half Moon Brewing Company from 6pm to 9pm. Contact Golden Gate Kayaking for details.

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