Savage Shores

Mark and Heather Rainsley are at it again.  

Having produced an excellent sea kayaking guide to the south west coast, they're working on a new book called Savage Shores also for Pesda Press.

The book aims to explain the climate, geology, landforms, natural history and human history of the coastal environment.  It's aimed at walkers, sea kayakers and others.   

Mark told me about the project at the weekend, and my first thought was to compare it to Hostile Habitats, a very popular book but one I found somewhat impenetrable.  

Mark reassured me, while their book will be based on sound research it is not going to be a dusty academic tome.   "The intended focus is to assist the 'layman' visitor to the coast - especially walkers and users of watercraft - to achieve greater understanding of and appreciation for the places they visit, and of the complex links existing between geology, natural history and human impact."

I'd buy it.

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Helford River Expeditions said...

let me have the first one off the press - its on the must read list already!