Pay Up or the Salmon Gets It

I'll be honest, I'm still working out how I feel about this. Judge for yourself after you read the recent e-mail from Bryan Smith.

As you no doubt know by now, we're mounting a kayak expedition to explore a region of the world with tremendous ecological implications for all of us. We're funding the expedition and research through small donations from family, friends and fellow paddlers.

If you're receiving this email, it's for 1 of 3 reasons:

1. You've intended to donate to the Kamchatka Project, but haven't gotten to it yet. So here's a reminder: please donate if you can.

2. You've been thinking about donating, but are still on the fence. Do you eat salmon? Do you value the role they play in the ecosystem? Remember that 1/4 of all the salmon in the world spawn on Kamchatka , and it is vital that we protect the remaining salmon habitat if salmon are to survive the next century:

3. You're a fellow paddler and haven't heard about what we're attempting.To find out more go to

If you can't donate but want to help us spread the message, join us on Facebook ... and spread the word to your Facebook Friends.

It's certainly enterprising. And ambitious. Bryan's challenging people to sign up 100 of their friends and then challenge them to do the same. The sort of thing you might do for a cancer charity...

As of writing they have $6785 towards a $50k goal. Good luck Bryan, I'll be interested to hear how many hundreds sign up.

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Anonymous said...

The way to save the environment is to pay Brian to go paddling at an expensive destination? Why not, I say.

Mark R