Video - Lots of Kayak Videos

The videos I shot for P&H with Doug Cooper are now live on the P&H Website. There are eight in all.  
Plus five videos which show different boats in action, with Doug describing the features and characteristics of each.  I'll post the pages here in the coming days.  And if you're not sure who Doug Cooper is, watch below.

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wideblueyonder said...

Good to see these are now in the public domain! Took one of my frequent trips to the P&H site and was suprised to find the video live on the site.

Excellent work by Sunart Media!

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Simon!
I jumped by the video's on the P&H website two weeks ago and published a link on my blog. Nice to know who is the man behind the video's. Respect, good work!
With kind regards,

Simon said...

Thanks Hans. Seems I was slow to realize they were now live!
Thanks Dunc - might get to meet you soon.