Kayaking by Colours

We're trying to film some kayak coaching.

However, a coach's "Right knee" is the left knee as the camera looks at it.  Our test filming produced some initial confusion.

These stickers are part of the solution.  And they've had some unexpected benefits.  With similar stickers on the paddle shaft, we can see far more clearly than normal how these elements work in relation to one another.  

Today went very well indeed.  


wideblueyonder said...

Can really identify with the issues 'facing' a person/students etc can cause. During my PE teaching days you learn quickly to think 'right' but say 'left' as you are constantly facing the class.

My wife has spent so long teaching dance and aerobics that she is now unable use right and left correctly in every day life - if she says right I know she means left!!

The coloured patches on the boat look like a great solution and will hopefully give great visual clues on the videos. Some sport analysis software allows you to 'attach' visual clues like this for when you play back to students/athletes.

looking forward to seeing the finished videos :-)

SteenJ said...

This problem was solved hundreds of years ago. At sea we use port and starboard. Coming from sailing boats into kayaking last year I was surprised to find so may landlubbers at sea - even instructors.

Simon said...

Hi SteenJ

The terms Port and Starboard are not unknown to us. As the green and red indicators show.

However, I fear not many non-seafarers, sitting in their living rooms watching TV, would understand someone talking to them about "pressing with my starboard knee".

So you're completely right. It's not part of normal speech for kayakers, so not terms we could use. Even if the Vikings came up with them.

wideblueyonder said...

I think the terms port/starboard don't get into Sea Kayaking because it is only one discipline with paddlesports and many paddlers, including instructors, come into sea kayaking from flat water or white water disciplines where 'left' & 'right' are the standard.