Sea Kayak Handling - The Book

A new sea-kayaking technique book is out next month from Pesda Press.  

It'll be launched 28/29th March at the Nottingham Paddlefest where the author Doug Cooper will be available for book signings.  Doug will also be running some practical coaching sessions with P&H.  He's the man to blame for taking Liz and me sea kayaking in the first place with Glenmore Lodge.

And you might just guess that I shot a lot more than P&H's videos with Doug earlier this year.  A book linked to videos, whatever next!

The publishers describe it as 'A practical guide that will help the reader to master the skills needed to manoeuvre a sea kayak efficiently. For beginner and intermediate paddlers.'

'Doug draws on his personal and coaching experience to help the reader master sea kayak handling skills and techniques. Accurate sequential photos and simple concise language make the descriptions easy to follow and understand.'

'The foundation skills of posture, connectivity (how your body is connected to the kayak), power transfer and learning to ‘feel’ how the boat responds, are explored initially. The author then goes on to tackle forward paddling, keeping the kayak on course, reverse paddling, edging, turning on the spot, forward turns on the move, reverse turns on the move, stern rudders, moving sideways, support strokes, and the use of skegs and rudders.'

'Sea Kayak Handling is recommended as support material for the British Canoe Union 3 and 4 Star (Sea) awards. (The 1 star is a novice ‘encouragement’ award, the 2 star covers basic generic kayak skills, the 3 star basic/intermediate sea specific skills and experience, and the 4 star covers intermediate sea specific skills and leadership in moderate conditions).'

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