Adventure Show - Kayak & Canoe Slalom Event

This rock was my view for most of Saturday.

A was sat on a rock in the middle of the River Tay filming slalom kayaks and canoes as they whizzed past.  It was the Grandtully Premier Race organised by the Scottish Canoe Association.

One of my colleague came over the radio.  "You look like Golem perched there".  Nice.  Thanks Paul.

I was dropped off by a nice woman from the river rafting company Freespirits.  Actually, she deposited me on that rock infront of me.  I had to climb down the river, through that white water, carrying a camera, to land my bottom on a flatter rock.  

I decided it would be more comfortable and secure place to spend six hours.  (Comfort is a relative term in this case.)

At noon, as the racing paused for an hour was given temporary reprieve from 'Alcatraz' as this rock became known.  Just enough time to do a tape change, battery change, grab half a sandwich and head back to the rock.

Fortunately safety cover was being provided by Ken Lacey of Sea Kayak Scotland.  That's him, sitting on the left bank wearing a blue helmet, ready to bag me.  Just in case.

The programme will be shown in the June edition of The Adventure Show on BBC-2 Scotland.

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