Lismore Circumnavigation

Our first real paddle of the year was a 45km circumnavigation of Lismore.  We'd done it before in June 2006 when we took two days, even though we really only needed one.  This time the tides were perfect to do it as a single journey.    

Incidentally, there's a team of decorators at work on that lighthouse.  We went around it, after the ferry had gone, and saw their work close up.  That must be a pretty good contract to get - painting Scotland's lighthouses!

Click the map for a larger version of the GPS track.


David said...

Simon can I be sure you did not cheat (!) in your circumnavigation of Lismore ? Was there really water between Bernera and Lismore or did you have to portage ?

Simon said...

Hi David,

Not sure where you mean when you say Bernera? This is Lismore in the Firth of Lorn.

We have in the past kayaked between Lismore and the island on which Lismore light is situated, Eilean Musdile. This time we went around the south of that island. No portage on either occasion.

Hope this helps.


Simon said...

Hi David

I'm being dense - of course I know which you mean. Last time we managed to get through the gap - this time we portaged.

Sorry for being a dunce - I've been studying maps of the western isles and my brain was confused...